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Kids with Capes

Rare began with a chance encounter between two old friends

It started in 2019 when myself (co-director Areeg Sweis) and an old friend, Jessica Klein-Foglio bumped into each other in New York City. During that chance encounter, Jess told a remarkable tale of her pivot from singing for the New York City Opera to becoming a full-time advocate for an exceedingly rare disease. So...

Rare Was Born


“It was all fortuitous timing. I was searching for a project, and when we reconnected, I was completely inspired by her story.”

That same positive energy has flowed from the other people my co-director Nick and I have connected with in the rare disease community. 

IMG_0435 2.JPG
They told stories so remarkable we felt compelled to film their journeys

Told through interwoven storylines, “Rare” offers first-hand accounts of what it takes to go from diagnosis to treatment, the power of communities coming together, and the increasing belief that anyone can make a difference.

The stories our characters share reframe the question of who holds the power to drive medical breakthroughs. 

Kid Painting

"This is a story about overcoming obstacles. The Rare disease is the vehicle that they are using."

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